One sunny day I was riding my horse my dad came and said “Okay it is time to get off of your horse. But I do not want to get off of my horse yet I said. You have been on it for two hours strait my dad said. Well can’t I stay on it for like ten more minutes I said. Five more minutes my dad said. Fine I said madly. My mom came out and said “ you can let her stay on for at least an hour more. Ya see dad mom lets me do stuff I want I said. An hour later I got off my horse and I went into the house I could not find my mom or dad and did I mention it was my b-day. I went into the living room and my mom and dad yelled “SUPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!” Happy birthday my mom and dad said. All of my family was there. My cousins my brothers my aunts and uncles and someone really important to me my dog. I started to open my presents. I finally opened the last one. You would never believe what it was it was a puppy. It was so cute but I still loved my other dog Gema so very much. Thank you mom thank you dad. I love you so much. No one else would have gotten me something this expensive I said. Well actually it it is a street dog my dad said. Well not anymore I said. I am his owner now I am going to name him Dozer because I used to have a dog Dozer but he died. And the rest of the day we had a great time!

The end.